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Bi-fold Hydraulic Single Panel Doors
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Clear-Tec™ Aluminum Single-Panel Hydraulic Door
Wilson's Clear-Tec™ is the industry's ONLY single-panel hydraulic door manufactured of lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Wilson combines aluminum door manufacturing prowess with simple, easy-to-use hydraulic technology. The result is a single-panel door that weighs 40% less than comparable steel single-panel doors - allowing for building savings and the use of low-pressure hydraulics. This greatly reduces the wear and tear on components and the system and ensures years of trouble-free operation.

Simple and secure
No cables, drive shafts, limit switches or gearboxes - the door is easily raised and lowered via two hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders also pull the door tight and lock it in place. A remotely located motor, pump, and reservoir system ensures even lift and efficient operation.

Saves valuable building space
The door only requires six inches of headroom, swinging efficiently and effectively out to provide unparalleled head clearance.
Popular Options
Service Doors
3'0" x 7'0" mill-finish aluminum cover installed at factory.
2'-8" x 6'-4" 1 5/8" insulated white
3'-0" x 6'-8" 1 5/8" insulated white

Deadbolts for Service Doors
For added security, a commercial grade stainless steel deadbolt is available.

Window Framing
Door can be set up to accept customized windows for added safety or to enhance the look of the door.

Battery Back-up
Emergency battery unit can be provided to operate the door in the event of a power failure.

Great looks and low maintenance
The raw mill finish of the door's 6061-T6 aluminum tubing also affords a clean, crisp look and higher aesthetic value than steel product - and no rusting or chipping paint.

Economical modular construction
Clear-Tec™ features modular, bolt-together construction - so no field welding is required which equates to quick and very easy installation. The supporting steel frame is supplied with the door system.

Features & Benefits
Aluminum Construction
Single-Panel crafted of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the Clear-Tec™ door is 40% lighter, yet stronger than comparable steel doors. Raw mill aluminum finish provides high aesthetic value and won't rust or chip paint.

Simple Hydraulic Operation
Efficient low-pressure hydraulic system - no cables, driveshaft, gearboxes or limit switches. Door is raised and lowered with two low maintenance hydraulic cylinders.

Minimal Headroom Requirements
Requires only six inches of headroom- saving valuable building space.

Modular Installation
Modular bolt-together construction requires no field welding - installation is quick and easy.

Door Controller
Push-button controls all for simple and convenient door operation.

Energy Saving Weather Seal
Standard top, bottom and side weather-stripping provide effective seal against the elements.

Integral Steel Frame and Supports
Steel support frame provided - jamb and header frame included with door.

Secure Closure
Once door is closed, cylinders pull door tight and lock it in place.

Motor/Pump Location
A remotely located motor, pump, and reservoir system ensures even lift and efficient operation.


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