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Premier™ Hangar Door: Aluminum bi-fold doors
Premier™ hangar doors are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is lighter, yet stronger than steel framed alternatives. They are custom built to match your exact specifications, are easy to install, and have one of the lowest life cycle costs in the industry. Regardless of the environment, the raw mill finish provides a clean, crisp look and higher aesthetic value than steel products. There is no rusting or chipping paint, and you can clad your door with any covering to achieve the look you desire. You get the size and strength you need, with the style you want.

The Cadillac of the Hangar Door Industry
Premier™ is the Cadillac of the hangar door industry and is an investment in quality, performance and longevity. As a testament to this longevity, simply look to the countless number of Wilson doors continuously operating - uninterrupted - for over 30 years. No other manufacturer can claim the thousands of satisfied users - and a continuous manufacturing operation since the 1950's.

Architectural design flexibility
Our Premier™ hangar door has quickly become the preferred choice for commercial and high-end residential applications. You cannot top its crisp aesthetics combined with our great attention to detail.

Made to size for you to customize
Unlike other manufacturers, every Wilson door is custom-built to your specifications, eliminating the need for costly building modifications or product "adaptations" in the field.

Saves valuable building space
The Premier™ elevates within the threshold and requires little to no headroom or wall clearance, leaving more usable space both inside and out.
Popular Options
Service Doors
3'0" x 7'0" mill-finish aluminum cover installed in bi-fold at factory.
2'-8" x 6'-4" 1 5/8" insulated white
3'-0" x 6'-8" 1 5/8" insulated white

Deadbolts for Service Doors
For added security, a commercial grade stainless steel deadbolt is available.

Cold Weather Package
Recommended when insulating and heating a building. Includes second bottom rubber seal, to seal against the ground and a foam seal for centerfold of door.

Sensing Edge
Electric sensing edge reverses the door in the event it contacts an object.

Solar Power
Designed for remote areas where standard electrical power is not available or is cost prohibitive. The system is self-contained and operates the door electrically.

Window Framing
Door can be set up to accept customized windows for added safety or to enhance the look of the door.

Its frame is mounted and operates on the outside of the building. That means no track on the floor, no panel storage on the sides, no need for support mechanisms or tracking from the ceiling, and no intrusion into the interior of the building.

Economical modular construction
There is no field welding needed for installation. Vertical or horizontal splices bolt-together for quick, easy installation. Our economical modular construction saves installation time and reduces installation costs.

Single-source responsibility
Wilson is the only company in the industry that provides total solutions through a single source. This is ensured through supervision, final rigging and erection of the door.

Our customers can expect:
  • Upfront engineering assistance
  • Detailing of the door before it ships
  • Enabling bolt-together construction
  • Delivery on a Wilson truck
Features & Benefits
Aluminum Construction for Strength
Crafted of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is lighter and stronger than steel framed doors. The high-strength aluminum frame can be clad with just about any building material of any weight.

Our door's 6061-T6 aluminum frame (raw material produced in the United States) is jig-welded to hold sections to specified tolerances by certified aluminum welders. No other manufacturer offers this feature.

Because of its strength and lightness, Wilson is able to build doors up to 140 ft wide. This design flexibility allows corporate hangar users and developers to specify our door on larger openings—without having to address side panel storage or bottom rails embedded in concrete.

On larger openings, the bi-fold door is designed with internal trusses to provide proper rigidity—not unsightly exterior trusses.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance
With one of the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry, our door is engineered to operate day in and day out for years of uninterrupted service. An easy-access motor location, exposed zinc hinges and simple grease fittings make it easy to maintain. The raw mill finish of the 6061-T6 aluminum provides a clean, crisp look and higher aesthetic value than steel product - and no rusting or chipping paint.

Our products are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with International Building Codes (IBC 2006), and takes into consideration wind load and the weight of the covering using RISA structural design protocols.

Modular Construction
Simple, bolt-together modular construction offers quick and easy assembly - up to 75% faster than bulky steel doors. No field welding is required.

Supervised installation assistance is provided. Our driver works alongside your installation crew to make sure your door is rigged and adjusted properly

Auto-locks that automatically lock and unlock the door as it opens and closes with a push of a button, come standard. Locks horizontally engage to effectively pull the door closed. No other manufacturer offers auto-locks as a standard feature.

Balanced Lift Cable & Drive Mechanism
Five-to-one service factor standard; lifting cable drums are integral part of drive shaft, ensuring evening lifting.

For long life and resiliency, stainless steel lifting cables have been specified since Wilson's inception in 1956.

Cable Guards for Safety
Cable guards protect against inadvertent human or equipment contact.

Long Drive Shaft
The shaft is mounted on the bottom panel and runs continuously along the entire width of the door in order to properly support the system. It is galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Our parts are sized right for every door. No Wilson drive shaft is smaller than 2 1/2 inches in diameter and no drum is smaller than 3-inches in diameter.

Energy Saving Weather Seal
The standard natural rubber top seal combined with neoprene side seals and the natural rubber bottom loop create a full perimeter seal described as "refrigerator tight."

Thru-Beam Photo Eye
If an object breaks the beam of the standard photo eye, the door reverses and is held open until it is reset. This is a standard feature and merely optional with other manufacturers.

Upper Override Disconnect
This mechanical back-up switch disconnects power to the door if the upper limit fails or if limit is overridden.

Standard Radio Control
One standard feature includes a hand-held radio control with two transmitters, a receiver and an external antenna.

Ascent™ AC-Drive with Door Controller
The variable speed Ascent AC-Drive provides for a smooth start and stop, which minimizes wear on the motor and components, while significantly decreasing opening and closing time. Standard three-button, 230 volt, single phase. Features Up/Down/Stop buttons. All electrical components are pre-wired and tested at the factory. This feature is a Wilson exclusive-- no other manufacturer offers the Ascent AC-Drive.


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