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Bi-fold Hydraulic Single Panel Doors
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Valu-Tec™ Bi-fold Door: Steel Aircraft Hangar Doors
Wilson's Valu-Tec™ bi-fold hangar door, offers quality at prices you wouldn't think possible. Though economical, this steel bi-folding door is packed with value-added extras that come standard. Pushbutton operation, auto-locks and a host of solid, Wilson-designed-and-built features make for trouble-free operation and the kind of durability and quality you only get with Wilson Doors.

Pushbutton convenience
While similarly priced doors typically require you to push and hold their control buttons, ours feature momentary activation: With a single touch of a button, the door opens or closes automatically.

Auto-locks are a standard feature with Wilson's Valu-Tec™ bi-fold hangar doors. Auto-locks lock and unlock the door automatically as it is operated by the pushbutton. The automatic base locks also secure the door in place in the face of heavy wind gusts.

Smart enough to know its limits - and extend its life
To prevent possible damage caused by the door trying to open beyond its natural upper limit, Wilson includes an upper override limit switch, standard on every Valu-Tec™ door.

Winner of the Ironic Feature Award: Tensioners that reduce stress
The lift cables on our doors are equipped with strong, spring-loaded cable tensioners. These tensioners reduce cable wear and extend the life of the cable through consistent, even wrapping on the line shaft. The tensioners also contribute to a mechanical "soft start" for smoother hangar door operation.

Popular Options
Service Doors
3'0" x 7'0" mill-finish aluminum cover installed at factory.
2'-8" x 6'-4" 1 5/8" insulated white
3'-0" x 6'-8" 1 5/8" insulated white

Deadbolts for Service Doors
For added security, a commercial grade stainless steel deadbolt is available.

Radio Control
Hand-held radio control with two transmitters, a receiver and an external antenna.

Sensing Edge
Electric sensing edge reverses the door in the event it contacts an object.

Photo Sensor Eye
If an object breaks the beam of the photo eye, the door reverses and is held open until it is reset.

Solar Power
Designed for remote areas where standard electrical power is not available or is cost prohibitive. The system is self-contained and operates the door electrically.

Window Framing
Door can be set up to accept customized windows for added safety or to enhance the look of the door.

Features & Benefits
Steel Construction for Strength
Wilson's Valu-Tec™ aircraft hangar doors are constructed of appropriately-sized steel tubing and cold-formed steel structural members based on the size, wind load and covering of the door. No Wilson door contains a member smaller than 2 inches by 2 inches, while other manufacturers use 1 ˝ by 1 ˝ inch tubing.

Our doors are constructed in strict compliance with International Building Codes (IBC 2006). Factors such as wind load and the weight of the covering are taken into consideration using RISA structural design protocols.

No smiles. Door smiles that is. Our competition's steel doors "smile," or sag from end to end in the open position, due to the excessive weight of the door and the under-engineered design. Because of Wilson's premier engineered design, our doors don't smile. They're all business and designed structurally to prevent this metallic fatigue.

Auto-locks lock and unlock the door automatically as it opens and closes with a push of a button. This feature comes standard on Wilson's Valu-Tec™ bi-fold hangar doors.

Rubber/Vinyl Weather Seal
Top and bottom weather-stripping on the Valu-Tec™ door securely seals out the elements.

Balanced Lift Cable & Drive Mechanism
Five-to-one service factor standard; lifting cable drums are integral part of drive shaft, ensuring even lifting across the door span.

Cable Tensioners
The lift cables on our doors are equipped with strong, spring-loaded cable tensioners that promote even wrapping and soft starting and stopping.

Cable Guards for Safety
Cable guards protect against inadvertent human or equipment contact.

Long Drive Shaft
The shaft is mounted on the bottom panel and runs continuously along the entire width of the door in order to properly support the system. It is galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Our parts are sized right for every door. No Wilson drive shaft is smaller than 2 1/2 inches in diameter and no drum is smaller than 3-inches in diameter.

Upper Override Disconnect
This mechanical back-up switch disconnects power to the door if the upper limit fails or if limit is overridden.

Three-Button Door Controller
A three-button door controller comes standard and features single push Up/Down/Stop buttons. All electrical components are pre-wired and tested at the factory.


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