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Making the Right Decisions - NERGECO

Nergeco high speed doors increase productivity by improving traffic flow efficiency while cutting energy and maintenance costs. Nergeco High-Speed productivity doors open and close on average at 48” per second. With its fast speed, your heating and air conditioning stays in the building…where it belongs and saves you as much as 45% of your energy costs. Passage time costs can be reduced to zero with the proper activation system…

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Key Features of NERGECO Doors
  1. Vertical, Fast Automatic Door Opening & Closing at 1.2 m/s allows unimpeded traffic flow & Isolation.
  2. Doors are made up of flexible UV protected, Wear resistant 'rip-stop' Polyester PVC curtain material that provides air tightness all round the opening.
  3. Completely seal off the operational area from external dust, temperatures, sound & insects etc.
  4. Airtight Curtain-pressure resistant up to 120 Pa.
  5. Prevents Energy Loss from controlled atmosphere.
  6. Patented Nergeco Soft Sprung Bottom & Support Tubes resist impact on curtain and make the doors safe for the door itself, vehicles and pedestrians.
  7. Robust Doors - can be used up to 1000 cycles/day.
  Typical Door Installation Dimensions
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