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United States Bullet Proofing: FPED IV Demonstration

United States Bullet Proofing dominated the competition at the Force Protection Equipment Demonstration (FPED IV) in Quantico, VAB


Just prior to detonation
Detonation of 50lbs of TNT
at 35 ft
Smoke engulfs sample
during blast

Smoke Starts to Clear
Zoom Immediately Following Event
No Damage to Glazing or Frame

United States Bullet Proofing dominated the competition at Force Protection Equipment Demonstration IV held at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA.

United States Bullet Proofing's blast window went three for three at the blast demonstration range. The same USAW400 Series window was subjected to a 50 lb blast of TNT at a range of about 35 feet on all three days of FPED. Designed for a 12 psi blast load the post FPED analysis has determined that the actual blast was over 26 psi! There was no visible blast damage to the frame or the glass, even after the third blast. Flying rocks caused only minor damage. We are quite proud to say that United States Bullet Proofing was the only window manufacturer that used the same window frame and glass sample all three days. The glazing material, provided by Globe Amerada, was held firmly in place by the USAW400 frame system utilizing minimal anchors, thus indicating the energy absorbing capabilities of the window design.

While no one can predict what size bomb and at what distance it will be placed from a facility, an estimate of the threat level must be utilized to design a product to meet design blast conditions. At United States Bullet Proofing we routinely design our windows to retain the glazing material in the frame following a blast. This serves a number of purposes. First, as demonstrated at FPED, the robust design allowed the same window to withstand multiple blasts. (Is the terrorist going to bring just one bomb?) Second, since the window is not destroyed or blown in, it prevents compromise of classified material inside and prevents intrusion of the elements that could cause building and equipment damage. Finally, it allows the building to re-occupied immediately to maintain operations. Our mission of Protecting People and Property is thus achieved.

United States Bullet Proofing has been in business since 1988 and offers of the largest product line of Bullet, Blast, and Forced Entry Resistant doors, windows and wall systems. In terms of ballistic resistance, our systems can withstand up to a UL 752 Level 8 condition, which is five 7.62 NATO rounds, although our frames can take an unlimited number of rounds. Our blast capability exceeds the General Service Administration (GSA) Level D requirement (the highest GSA level). With regard to forced entry protection, we are quite proud to say that we are only one of four companies in the world, certified by the Department of State to build forced entry resistant windows and doors for overseas posts. Our products are also in use in numerous Department of Defense facilities.

United States Bullet Proofing's expertise, commitment and innovation has earned us a reputation as an industry leader. Let us assist you with your next security project.
Due to United States Bullet Proofing's close proximity to the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, United States Bullet Proofing can deliver straight from factory to jobsites located in the Mid-Atlantic area. This results in a significant savings on the cost of boxing and shipping. Deliveries can also be timed to coincide with installation, thus reducing job site storage problems. Contact United States Bullet Proofing to determine if your job site qualifies for this service and savings.

Education As the demand for Blast, Ballistic and Forced Entry products continues to increase in both new and renovated facilities, more and more architects, engineers, and contracting officers are faced with making critical decisions that may affect the lives of hundreds of people. This is a tremendous responsibility, and having the right information is a necessity. United States Bullet Proofing frequently conducts tours of its state of the art production facility and will explain in great length how to meet your security needs. Located just 15 minutes from downtown Washington D.C., there is no other facility in the area that can offer the hands-on display of information that is available at United States Bullet Proofing. Please call to arrange a tour.

Blast Analysis Each application of a blast product must be considered in the context of the potential threat. Once that threat level has been determined, United States Bullet Proofing can provide detailed computer analysis of a product application to meet the threat. This analysis ensures the required General Services Administration (GSA) blast criteria will be met. Analysis by an independent blast consultant can also be arranged.


United States Bullet Proofing does not offer installation services directly, but can recommend glazing contractors that are experienced in the installation of high security doors, windows and wall systems.

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