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Model ESC10

Rolling Counter Doors secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior and exterior walls. Feature smaller, more aesthetically pleasing guides, slats, brackets and hood than rolling doors; can fully close to the floor when compact door components are desired. Also called shutters.

Sizes: Openings up to 21' wide or 10' high standard construction.

Operation: Motor, hand crank, or push-up designs available based on size and weight. Lifting the counter door requires no more than 25 lbs. of force.

Materials and Finishes: Curtains available in #18 B & S gauge or extruded .055" aluminum with clear or color anodized finish, 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or 22 gauge stainless steel with #4 finish. SpectraShield® Powder Coating optional.

Counter Door Options:
Countertops: 22 gauge galvanized steel, provides full security with visibility and air circulation.

Additional Counter Door Offerings:
Graphics Door: Add durable, full-color images to your curtains and hoods. Great for school logos and turning unused door space into profitable sponsorship opportunities in stadiums, amusement parks and retail stores.

ScreenGard™ Perforated Counter Door Slat: Achieve visibility and ventilation while maintaining security and insect control. Perforated 22 gauge galvanized steel slat provides approximately 22% open space.


Rolling Counter Doors with Integral Frame and Countertop

Model ESC20

Assembled and welded at the factory. They frame and secure openings above counters and other similar finished openings on interior walls.

Sizes: Openings up to 11' 7" wide by 4' 10" high in walls 4" to 13" thick.

Operation: Push-up or hand crank.

Counter Door with Integral Frame Benefits:

  • Aesthetics: Seamless, custom built-in look.
  • Easy Installation: Units are fitted to pass window wall openings without field assembly, so they become an important time-saver for contractors and building owners.
  • Mounting Alternatives: Between jambs and face-of-wall units may wrap around wall if installation is done while wall is under construction. Slip-in units may be set into finished walls.

Materials and Finishes: Integral welded head and jambs are formed of 16 gauge 300 series #4 finish stainless steel shapes or 16 gauge primed steel shapes. Curtain materials: aluminum slats are clear or color anodized; galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray; stainless steel is 300 series in #4 finish. SpectraShield® Powder Coating optional on non-stainless components.

Countertops: Rolling Counter Doors with frames are available with or without countertops. Standard countertops are 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Plastic laminate countertops are also available.

Additional Counter Door Offerings:
Graphics Door and ScreenGard™ Perforated Counter Door Slat available. See description above.


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