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> VISIONAIRE Open Design Grille Model ESG10 & ESG12

> VISTAGARD Glazed Panel Grille Model ESG11

Rolling Grilles provide access control and off hour security on interior and exterior openings. Permit visual access of separated spaces.

Sizes: Openings up to 40' wide x 20' high standard, consult factory for larger sizes.

Rolling Grille Benefits:

  • Security: Grilles prevent unauthorized access and discourage forced entry at building exterior openings, storefronts or areas within buildings, such as pharmacies or parts counters. Used behind plate glass storefronts, they are a deterrent to smash-and-grab crime.
  • Aesthetics: A variety of metal finishes from polished stainless to deep bronze are available to contribute to visual aesthetics as well as curtain configurations in straight or brick pattern.
  • Design Flexibility: Cornell grilles are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences.
  • Early Installation Option: Early/easy self-supporting installation system lets grilles be fitted in before walls are built and before there is an opening. Structural tubular members, factory machined and fitted for grille guides and brackets, attach directly to the slab below and joists above.
  • Space-saving: Curtain stores in a compact coil at the head of an opening for fuller use of the interior space.
  • Low life cycle cost: Cornell’s rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance

VISIONAIRE® ESG10 Straight Pattern Grille:

Model ESG10
Open curtain, which allows air circulation, is formed with a series of horizontal rods 5/16"in diameter. Vertical O.C. separation between rods is 2". Rods are available in aluminum -mill, clear or color anodized finish of alloy 5056 H32, solid stainless steel -polished 300 series, or solid galvanized steel. Vertical chains are formed of eyeletted aluminum or stainless steel on 9", 6", or 3" centers. End chains are held in place by double E-rings on horizontal rods on both sides of chain to retain curtain ends in guides.

VISIONAIRE™ ESG12 Brick Pattern Grille:

Model ESG12
Horizontal 5/16" diameter solid aluminum rods at 2" centers. Rods supported by heavy duty aluminum links, held in staggered position by tube spacers throughout the entire curtain assembly. Available in aluminum - mill, clear, or color anodized finish in alloy 5056 H32. High cycle construction
(high cycle shaft and springs) available.


VISTAGARD™ Glazed Panel Grille Model:

Model ESG11
An option available for increased protection from theft of small articles through the curtain, the VistaGard is constructed of clear 12" x 3", 1/8" thick Lexan® (or equal) panels. The flame retardant poly carbonate panels are secured by bronze color molded nylon links attached to 5/16" diameter solid aluminum horizontal rods of alloy 5056 H32, creating a barrier against refuse, odors and smoke.


Rolling Grille Options:

Operation: Push-up, hand crank, hand chain (face of wall mounted exposed guides only) and motor operation. Standard push-up operation is acceptable for grilles under 10'-0" in height or widths less than 16'-4". For wider grilles where push-up operation is desired, see the EZ Lift Option below.

High Cycle Springs: If a grille is expected to operate more than 5 cycles per day, special high cycle construction is appropriate and is offered on the Model ESG12 Brick Pattern Visionaire as well as Cornell's SentryGate® Product.

Early Installation Option: Guides are supported with either structural steel tubes or wall mounting angles. Using structural steel support tubes allows for installation prior to the walls being built. The tubes can be factory prepped for the attachment of all grille components. Tubes are attached to the slab below and the joists above, thereby becoming self-supporting.

EZ Lift Push-Up Package for Wider Grilles: The EZ Lift package allows push-up operation on VisionAire aluminum grilles up to 22’ wide by 10’ high. This results in added savings in initial costs and long term maintenance for building owners. Consult us for applicable sizes for stainless and galvanized steel and VistaGard series.

Manual Release System: For use with motor operated grilles, this Manual Release system is utilized to meet building code emergency egress requirements. A wall mounted pull handle disengages the motor drive, which allows the grille to automatically open part way for egress. Releasing the pull handle resets the grille to normal operation.

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