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Nergeco high speed doors increase productivity by improving traffic flow efficiency while cutting energy and maintenance costs. Nergeco High-Speed productivity doors open and close on average at 48” per second. With its fast speed, your heating and air conditioning stays in the building…where it belongs and saves you as much as 45% of your energy costs. Passage time costs can be reduced to zero with the proper activation system…

Every facility can benefit from high-speed doors. Food Processors and Pharmaceutical companies no longer have to shut down production lines for costly door repairs. Manufacturers need to keep traffic moving. High speed doors not only save man hours but are proven to prevent wear on forklifts and equipment. Auto Dealers realize energy savings as well as labor savings by using high speed productivity doors. Cold Storage companies will save energy by eliminating infrared heaters and air curtains as well as saving time by using high speed freezer and cooler doors. Nergeco doors are superior and offer you the advantages of:

  • Patented soft-bottom edge technology allows for accidental impact without damage to the door. This feature allows you to forget about costly down time due to damaged bottom bars or electronic reversing edges.
  • Patented automatic panel reinsertion system allows the door panel to breakout upon impact and then automatically reinserts itself into the side guides without operator intervention. Other manufacturers may claim their doors will automatically reinsert, but Nergeco is the only manufacturer to deliver!
  • Watertight UL / ULC NEMA 4X control panel and dual thru-beam sensors come standard and are pre-wired for easy installation. PLC control is standard.
  • The Nergeco door curtain is made of UV protected, wear resistant PVC coated polyester fabric. With it’s single, double or triple skins, it provides wind resistance and insulation depending on your application. Wear points are reinforced to provide years of dependable service.
  • Nergeco is the only manufacturer to offer full composite material frames in high-speed productivity doors. Lightweight, strong and shatter-resistant, the frame material is fully washable and meets USDA and Canada Agri-Food requirements for direct food contact.
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